The Urban Birder


I’m David Lindo, also known as The Urban Birder. I’m a broadcaster, writer, naturalist, photographer, public speaker, tour leader and oh, I have been known to do the odd bit of birding!

Born and raised in London, I love anything nature, but for as long as I can remember birds have been my particular obsession. When I was three I went missing during a family party and caused my mum great panic. The police were called and a search party dispatched and I was eventually found standing outside a graveyard watching some Magpies.

I never switch off when it comes to urban birding, I’m forever on the lookout. If you saw me strolling down a street you’d think I was in Manhattan for the first time, gazing up in wonderment. The sky is my canvas and it’s amazing what you can see when you look up; birds of prey, swirling swifts, migrating thrushes, raucous crows. It’s a beautiful world up there.

My main passion is for urban birds and I spend my time doing as much as I can to promote the appreciation and conservation of the birds that share our city lives. I now travel the world encouraging citizens and organisations to step outside wherever they may be to enjoy urban birding.

Through my TV appearances, writing, talks and tours I try to inspire people to re-look at their urban environments. I believe wildlife in urban areas is so easy to engage with. All we have to do is open our eyes, ears, hearts and minds and soon we will be linked into the nature around us.

A few urban birding tips to get you started:

See your urban environment as how a bird would: The buildings are cliffs and any green areas are an oasis for nesting, resting and feeding. Don’t stress about learning the names and songs of all the birds you encounter, just enjoy them.

Learn at your own pace.

You don’t have to wear green anoraks; you can look cool and fashionable, I find the birds prefer it too.
Get your friends involved.
Find a local patch to regularly visit.
Think that anything can turn up anywhere at anytime.
That still works for me to this day.
Don’t go out expecting to see anything. That way you’ll never be disappointed but most likely be surprised.

My message is simple- #Look up!

Vote National Bird Campaign Results

The Nation has voted and here are the results for Britain’s First National Bird.

Big congratulations to The Robin who was voted most popular bird and a big thank you to all those who voted.

To see how your favourite choice fared – here’s the complete positional list.











To celebrate this landmark event  we have two specially designed commemorative T-shirts.

Simply Click on a T to order.

‘Robin Walking Away’

By renowned artist Rose Wylie RA, illustrated on white with title and signature printed on T-shirt.

Jerwood Foundation


‘Now you don’t see it Now you do’ (King Robin)

Designed and produced by up and coming fashion designers
Glenda and Georgie.
David Lindo will personally sign the first 50.


This campaign would not have been possible without the help and support of some very special individuals and organisations.

Chris Palmer

John Charman

Swagtail Productions

Vine House Farm

Daiana Stanescu

Jackie St Clair

Gary Woodward

Katie Fuller

Jean Lindo

Dawn Painter

Rose Wylie RA

Natalya Nair

Esther Higgs-Carty

Paul Thomas

Graham Tyler

Kumiko Otake


Jerwood Foundation

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