The Kestrels return to The Scrubs

After an absence of several months it was really good to see a Kestrel hovering above the grassland at The Scrubs the other day. Kestrels were once a daily occurance at my patch. I remember looking up into the sky one summer’s day a few years ago to witness no less than nine birds in the skies hovering and generally horsing around.
That was then. Now, things are markedly different. In common with the rest of the UK my local population has crashed for no obvious reason. Perhaps their breeding site was destroyed or maybe the resident birds were killed. Who knows. But to see three in the air today that were not being mobbed by crows was a true godsend.
 Three Kestrels in The Scrubs skies
One of the birds

I hope that my sightings at my patch of this adorable falcon once again become a regular thing.

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